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Why your Diet may be working against you

Why your Diet may be working against you

Individuals on a diet probably have been working hard to achieve a result, and they would have also spent money in order to obtain the desired result they are seeking. However, it becomes very tiring when all the efforts and money dedicated to dieting returns no or little results that are below your expectations. One aspect of our life that pushes people to start dieting is in the area of weight loss. Obesity has been a problem that people around the world are always on the lookout for ways to lose some extra pound.

One of the ways individuals use to get a result is by trying to incorporating diet that will make them shed some weight off their body. The disappointment of not losing enough weight after working hard is devastating, to say the least. There is always a reason for every happening in life, so there must be a reason why your diet is not working or probably working against you. Often the problem is identifying the cause of the problem. If you are fighting obesity by dieting and you are not getting the desired result, there may be things that you are not doing or doing them wrongly that have limited the result you are getting. Below are some of the reasons why your diets have not been working or working against you.

Fibre consumption enhances weight loss; this is because it adds weight to the food we eat without a lot of calories making you get filled quicker and feel satisfied without consuming much food. Fibre also helps in the release of glucose making it a good blood sugar stabiliser, they act as an internal scrub that cleans out gunk and fat from the system.

When you consume less than 1,200 calories per day, you are not eating enough to get all your nutrients, which makes your body slow down your metabolism so as to enable it to hold on to precious calories. If that is the case, then you may need to bump up your calories to increase metabolism. And if you skip meals as a part of dieting to lose weight, it makes your body lose the feeling of being full. For no reason should you skip breakfast, within the first hour you wake up, you should take about 500 calories together with fibre and about 15 grams of protein this will help in enhancing metabolism.

There are many other reasons why your diet may be working against you; it is important to incorporate the right eating habit to stay healthy and achieve your weight loss goal.

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