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Sodium may not be the Primary Culprit of High blood pressure

Sodium may not be the Primary Culprit of High blood pressure

Salt has been judged to be the major culprit of high blood pressure, which has indicted sodium as the primary of hypertension. However, the continuous study into the causes of high blood pressure has gone towards exonerating sodium as the only leading cause.

According to recent researches, it has been shown that there is` no evidence that a diet with a lower sodium concentration has any long-term beneficial effects on blood pressure, it goes to show that high sodium diets and low sodium diets possess the same level of risk of heart disease. The study also outlines potassium as an essential element in hypertension. It shows that people with the highest blood pressure had low potassium and sodium consumption, while individuals with high consumption of potassium and sodium had the lowest blood pressure. This shows the significance of high use of potassium on heart-related disease and blood pressure.

For most individuals with high blood pressure, decreasing the daily salt consumptions significantly lowers both the diastolic and the systolic type of blood pressure. However, more researches have indicated that sugar possesses a higher and bigger impact on blood pressure than salt, and because most of the processed foods that we consume today contain significant quantity of both, it has made it even harder to distinguish between both culprits.

An individual with high blood sugar level is more likely to experience adverse effect on blood pressure and heart disease from high salt consumption. People treating pre-diabetes (metabolic syndrome) and cognitive heart failure should be more cautious about their sodium consumption because extra sodium can trigger overload of fluid that will be too much for a weak heart to control. Salt consumption has also been associated with an adverse effect on density of bones because the more salt people consume, it causes the kidney to pass out calcium into urine. However, all these takes its toll on people with an already high blood pressure, but a healthy person with a normal bone density and normal blood pressure should worry little or none about salt consumption. What is important is eating a healthy and well-balanced diet.

Imbibing a healthy eating habit such as eating more healthy fat, more fibre gotten from beans, seeds, vegetables, fruits, and nuts as well as consuming more of clean protein, will lead to a more healthy life than trying to treat an ailment. It will also benefit us the more if we use spices and herbs to make our meal more delicious other than having to add sugar or salt. If you are finding it a bit difficult to cut down on your intake of salt, you can eat five cups of vegetables and fruits on a daily basis, ensure you exercise or workout for at least thirty minutes. For those that are obese, try and lose ten pounds and above all, meditate for twenty to thirty minutes daily. Engaging in this eating and exercising habits will aid you towards accomplishing your health goals.

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