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Consuming Red Meat is it Good or Bad for Your Health?

Consuming Red Meat is it Good or Bad for Your Health?

In the history of nutrition, red meat remains one of the most controversial foods.


Despite the fact that humans have been consuming red meat throughout evolution, some reasonable portion of individuals still believes that it can cause harm. The red meat our ancestors ate back in the day, is so different from the meat we consume today. In time past, animals ate so much of natural foods, they roamed free and ate grass, insects and everything green. They were free to feed on their own, and they ate green grass and various other edible plants.

The meat gotten from these animals of days before now are entirely different from the meat derived from most animals of now. The red meat from a naturally feed cow cannot be compared with the meat gotten from a cow that was born and raised in a factory and consumed grain-based feed. This processed animals have received different chemical alterations and most importantly, growth-enhancing antibiotics and hormones.

One notably disease that has been associated with consumption of red meat is heart disease. The reason is that some red meat contains high amount of saturated fat which happens to be a primary culprit to increase of low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL)levels as mentioned in our last week blog. It has also been said that consuming red meat increases the risk of cancer especially colorectal cancer. Red meat contains heme iron (The iron-containing molecule in hemoglobin that serves as the site for oxygen binding), and this compound can damage cells, which leads to cancer. The saturated fat that this meat contains has also been linked to causing cancers of the breast and colon. And when red meat is cooked, carcinogens are formed; also, all these have been attributed to cause or aggravate cancer in humans.

It’s not all bad about consuming red meat; it does have health benefits. Red meat gives protein that helps in building muscles and bones. Not only that, the heme iron that red meat contains is easily absorbed by the human body, and this iron is needed by women during childbirth. Red meat is also rich in Vitamin B12, which is responsible for producing DNA and keeps the red blood cells and nerves healthy. It is also very rich in zinc that helps the immune system to perform well. Red meat may contain some amount of calories, however, consuming it gives you more than ten other nutrients other than the calories.

Red meat contains numerous vitamins and minerals that are essential for our health and can work as a well-balanced diet. That red meat has been associated with some health threatening diseases does not mean you should give up on eating it. You just need to make a better selection and portion decisions. Avoiding any form of processed meat such as bacon, deli meats, sausages, ham, and hot dogs is a great way of choosing the right red meat to consume.

Properly cooked and unprocessed red meat is very healthy, as long as you’re choosing grass-fed red meat employing healthy cooking methods avoiding charred pieces, there is nothing really to worry about consuming red meat.

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