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How to Avoid Chronic Disease

How to Avoid Chronic Disease

The cost of treating chronic diseases are high and is increasing continually. The cost of taking care of such medication conditions places financial, emotional as well as a social burden on the individual with the condition and close relatives as well as the society at large. Conditions such as stroke, arthritis, cancer, heart disease, COPD, diabetes, and obesity are the prevalent chronic conditions that plague the human population, and they contribute to the highest number of death in the world. This calls for concern because the number of death caused by these conditions are increasing and as such, steps should be taken to avert the occurrence of any of the diseases.



If you want to enjoy good health in the later stages of your life, then preventing chronic diseases is paramount and the trick is to eat healthy meals and remain physically active. For people that have experienced any chronic illness at their younger age, they can avoid the severe effects in their old age by managing the condition well before it becomes a big issue as they age on.

Engage in regular Exercise

Engaging in interval exercise will produce significant benefit primarily to individuals with heart disease. Exercise benefits all body health by strengthening your muscles, lowering your blood sugar level as well as control the severity and frequency of asthma attacks. Partaking in physical activities will help in boosting your energy as well as aid in weight control. It reduces pains and reduces the stiffness of the joints.

Prevent Chemical Contact

Exposing the body to certain harmful chemicals increasing the chances of developing any of the known chronic conditions. Minimising the rate at which the body and internal organs are exposed to these deadly chemicals will help in preventing the occurrences of these diseases. Some of the well-known everyday substances that are harmful to health include carcinogens and heterocyclic amines. Carcinogens and some other chemicals that disrupt hormones that are found in water should be avoided by ensuring that the water you drink is filtered. Most of the processed foods people consume contain heterocyclic amine a chemical that causes cancer. The chemical forms in seared meats and as such eating charred, well-done and processed meats exposes you to the adverse effects of the substance.

Avoid Junk Food

Another vital thing that people should avoid if they want to live healthy without having to pay the cost of maintaining a chronic disease when they are old is avoiding junk foods. Junk foods are particularly dangerous to health because they don’t contain many nutrients and they are dense in calorie. Junk foods cause an increase in insulin levels, and they contribute to high blood pressure due to their high sodium composition. They are also responsible for obesity and causes kidney, heart and liver diseases.

Maintaining healthy brain and getting plenty of sleep will also contribute toward preventing the development of chronic disease. Avoid actions the harm your bone such as excessive alcohol intake, smoking as well as colas drinking. Avoid stress or learn how to cope with it by controlling things that upset your mental balance.

If followed carefully, these tips and many others can help in living a healthy life in the later stages of your life as well as prevent the development of any form of chronic disease.

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