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Simple Ways to Decrease the Risk of Cancer

Simple Ways to Decrease the Risk of Cancer

Cancer is among the highest causes of death in human, and it is heartbreaking to know that it is now almost everywhere. Growing old exposes people to cancer, however, most of the diagnosed conditions every year can be prevented. No one will want to suffer from this deadly disease, because you and your closed relatives that will be taking care of you will be significantly affected emotionally, financially and socially. The fight against cancer should start from learning ways of minimising the risk of its occurrence. Every individual should play a role in lowering the risk of cancer because there are things that can be done to achieve it. The accompanying paragraphs will show us how we can minimise the chance of being diagnosed with cancer.


Go for frequent Cancer screening

Cancer does not have any early signs at the beginning, but you can help yourself by going for routine cancer screening to take care of it when they are still concentrated in one place. Treating cancers when they are still small is the easiest way of achieving a good result in the fight against the deadly medical condition.

Minimise Alcohol intake

Alcohol intake can be very tricky, it is needed in the body, but it has been in the right quantity. Moderation is required when talking about alcohol consumption. Alcohol consumption has been linked with the increase of cancer risk, so it will be a wise decision to minimise the intake of alcohol, drink in moderation.

Regular exercise

Engaging in daily physical activity increases the circulation of blood in the body because it helps the heart to function at optimal level. Various studies have shown that exercising for about 30 minutes a day will reduce the risk of colon and breast cancers.

Quit Smoking

Tobacco smoking is the leading cause of lung cancer, and it is responsible for the death of one out of every five people that die in the US. It is clear to see that if you want to lower the risk of lung cancer, you have to quit smoking. The deaths caused by smoking tobacco products can be prevented easily by stopping.

Develop a healthy eating habit

It is not new again when we hear that we are what we eat or consume. The urge and eagerness to meet up with our daily expectations has made people pay less attention to what they eat. In time past where there was nothing like processed foods, the word cancer wasn’t as this rampant. However, because people are always busy, the fast way of life has brought a negative impact on human health. People now consume more of processed foods which are capable of causing severe havoc inside the body. If you like your health and you want to lower the risk of cancer, healthy eating is needed. It is known that consuming whole grains, vegetables, fruits, and fish reduces the risk of cancer. Minimise sugar intake and consume less amount of red meat and processed meat.

Maintain a healthy weight

Unhealthy weight is a red flag if you want to lower the risk of cancer, because being overweight increases the chance of being diagnosed with cancer. Maintaining a healthy weight will help in avoiding or reducing the risk of some cancers which may include breast, colon, prostate, and kidney.

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