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Reasons why you are always Tired


It is a normal phenomenon to be tired, maybe as a result of engaging in strenuous exercise. However, it becomes a thing of concern if it is a continuous occurrence. It is imperative to seek for medical attention if you observe that you are always getting exhausted especially when you wake up in the morning. Getting to know the culpable reasons behind this occurrence can go a long way toward helping you to alleviate it before it gets serious. In the accompanying paragraphs, we will be looking at the possible reasons why people are always exhausted.

Poor Sleeping Position

Most people are fond of sleeping on their back, this position of sleeping is poor as it hampers your breathing which interfere with your sleep. On the other hand, this position is the best from an orthopedic point of view because it helps in alleviating issues relating to shoulder, knee or hip. The best sleeping position should be the one that is comfortable to you.

You are treating Sleep Disorder

Sleep disorder is another culprit why people feel tired always. There are numerous known sleep disorder which can hamper a smooth night sleep among them may include parasomnia, teeth grinding, sleep apnea, neuropathies, restless leg syndrome, osteoarthritis, acid reflux and orthopaedic injuries all these and more contributes to some of the sleep disorder that people complain about and they are part of the reasons why you are exhausted.

You go to bed immediately after taking Alcohol

Most late drinkers often go straight to sleep as soon as they get home. This habit is one of the reasons why you are always exhausted when you wake up. You should give the alcohol consumed enough time to metabolise which can take up to four or five hours before going to bed.

Drinking and Eating late night

Too many people are guilty of having something to eat or drink when its time for them to sleep. This action will interfere with the quality of your sleep. It is best to stop eating immediately after dinner and if you have to eat, take something that is light. Avoid taking coffee because of its caffeine content, it is known that caffeine can make you stay awake for longer period than normal. If you want to consume coffee, do than around lunch and not later in the day so that you can fall asleep when you are supposed to sleep.

Using electronic Gadgets before bedtime

The sleep-wake cycle is regulated by the melatonin hormone, when this hormone is messed with, our sleeping tends to be altered which then affects us when we wake up in the morning. The blue light emitted by electronics which include smartphones, tablets, laptops and televisions interferes with the melatonin and hence sleep will be broken which causes a tired feeling in the morning when you wake up. Melatonin prepares the mind for sleep at night, and without this hormone, anchoring sleep to a certain time will not be possible. Using these electronics at night especially without other source of light is a great culprit to why you are always feeling tired. Before you go to bed, ensure you make your melatonin secretion right by avoiding operating your electronic gadget at night.

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